The Production

At SP Marching every process is hand done from start to finish maintaining a constant quality control. The use of only high end quality materials makes sure the instruments will be durable and weather resistant and the latest modern technology is used to create the base for every drum. Using a shell cylinder made of 100% 3K woven Carbon fiber composite produces an extremely solid, strong, durable, reliable and feather light instrument. All hardware is die-cast and mounted by hand with stainless steel mounting materials. A close cooperation with a professional international coating company provides us with the latest modern innovations in spraying, coating and lacquering.
In all facets of the production process, no expense or effort is spared to achieve the ultimate result. Every product that leaves the production process will be completely checked after which the quality control mark will be added. Last but not least, instruments will be pre-tuned, polished and packed for transport.

Marching perfection, built with care, beat by beat.