The Difference

Theory is not always Practice. Often listening to the experiences of the players in the field teaches us a great deal about practice. Combining this with our knowledge of marching drum manufacturing brings us to inspiring conclusions and new developments. Our solid 3K Carbon Fiber shell lowers the weight and at the same time creates a steady sound as the shell does not lose its shape in any weather circumstances like other materials such as ply-wood or aluminium. Mounting all parts together with only stainless steel materials prevents oxidizing through weather changes whilst the Die-casted hardware makes the drums durable and reliable. With our unique SCS (Sound Choice Snares wires) option we find that specific sound a band is looking for. A choice of Snappy Snares, Cable, Gut, Coated cable or even a combination of these can change the sound of the drum completely.
We boast a huge range of extra custom quality shell and hardware finishes together with weather resistant emblazoning and hoops artwork creating the finishing touch that will perfectly dress the band.