Royal series

Similar to the Imperial Series our Royal Series comes with the same technical specifications but without the option of the graphical artwork on the shells and hoops.

As with all our drums, the Royal series is 10 times tuneable to create a bigger tuning range. This gives the customer the option to tune the drums perfectly in harmony with the sound of the band. Manufactured with our solid Carbon fiber composite shell and maple hoops, this drum weights 4.7 Kg – 10.36 Lbs (14 x 12 inch) !

Royal drums can be mounted with the SCS snare system to add that specific timbre the band is looking for. Sizes available: 14” x 10” or 14” x 12”.

The drum comes standard with a : Gloss White, 3K Woven Gloss Carbon Black or 3K Woven Matt Carbon Black shell with Chrome plated hardware. For an additional cost the customer is able to change the hardware colour to any Gloss RAL lacquer to give the drum a unique personal touch.