Junior series

The children are our future and we cannot get them starting early enough. The junior Series is the perfect balance for a young child. Children need special treatment when it comes to the weight and size of marching drums.

Our Junior drums are similar to our senior Imperial and Royal series, using the same design but bringing it back to a size of 12” x 10”, Junior drums weights 3.7 Kg – 8.16 Lbs !!

The diameter of the drum is fitted with 8 lugs instead of the Senior 10. Visually this matches in perfectly with a Senior drum. Unique to other drums in the market, these drums also come with 12” maple wood hoops which make the design identical to our Senior Series.

Adding the same colour options, graphical artwork and emblazoning as our senior Series, this Junior series is the perfect drum for the younger percussionists in a band.

Standard mounted with a 12” falam white- or blackmax these drums are strong and durable for children aged approximately 7 to 13 years.

Note: Children deserve the same high quality lightweight drums as senior percussionists for their education and performances … our Junior Series provides that.