Imperial series

Based on British Tradition, enhanced with the newest marching innovations, the Imperial Series is a high class instrument.

The modern designed 10 times tuneable wood hooped marching drum with the specification of a traditional drum is manufactured with a unique lightweight 100% 3K woven MCT Carbon fiber composite solid shell. This drum has great projection and  weights just 4.7 Kg – 10.36 Lbs (14 x 12 inch)! Imperial drums can be mounted with the SCS snare system to add that specific timbre the band is looking for. Sizes available: 14” x 10” or 14” x 12”.

The Imperial Series is available in the standard British Red/Blue with chrome plated hardware (as pictured) but with the option to change the colour of the hoops, hardware, shell and graphical artwork. With this customized option the customer can create a unique drum that perfectly matches the bands uniform, style and looks.