Discovery series

Let’s get started ! The first steps in marching percussion.

Discovering the world of marching drumming starts with the Discovery Series. Ultra-lightweight drums in small sizes for the youngest players.

Discovery contains Snare drums, Multi-tenor drums and bass drums for a complete drumline for kids aged approximately 5 to  9 years. All drums come with 3K woven carbon fiber composite shells and die-cast hardware.

Unique to SP Marching are the worlds lightest Multi-tenor sextet, quint and quad sets that start at 4.9 Kg – 10.80 Lbs !!! All drums come with high quality 2.3 mm triple flanged steel hoops and die-cast strong single and double ended lugs.

Discovery comes standard with a gloss white, 3K woven gloss black or 3K woven matt black shells ,with  chrome plated hardware or for that extra special look, a classy black nickel plated finish.

On request we can customize the colours of the shells and hardware to any RAL coloured lacquer at an extra cost to make the drums more colourful and fun for the children.

Give them a proper start and let them discover marching percussion in a exciting, light and fun way … start with Discovery!