Type: SPM-DSC1265-BKCH or SPM-DSC1309-BKCH

Size: 12”x 6,5”or 13”x 9”

Shell: 100% 3K woven Carbon composite with top and bottom reinforcement rings

Tension hoops: 2,3 mm Triple flanged Chrome plated hoop

Lugs: 16 Die-cast chrome plated single lugs with rubber sound pads underlayment

Rods: 16 Stainless steel with nylon washers

Strainer: Die-cast Chrome plated solid Snap-On strainer and Butt-end with rubber grips and underlayment

Snare wires: Snappy snares 20 strands

Top heads: Remo-SP Whitemax or Blackmax heads

Bottom head: Remo-SP Ambassador Snare side

Carrying Adapter: Universal aluminium Tube adapter for Carrier

Colour: Carbon Black, transparent gloss lacquered