Type: SPM-DSC1212-BKC, : SPM-DSC1412-BKC, SPM-DSC1612-BKC, SPM-DSC1812-BKC, : SPM-DSC2012-BKC

Sizes: 12”x 12” , 14”x 12”, 16”x 12”, 18”x 12”, 20”x 12”

Shell: 100% 3K woven Carbon composite with top and bottom reinforcement rings

Tension hoops: Maple wood

Lugs: 20 Die-cast  chrome plated Single Bass lugs with rubber sound pads underlayment

Claws: 20 Die-cast chrome plated Claws with rubber sound Pads

Rods: 20 Stainless steel with nylon washers

Heads: Remo-SP Powermax White or Ebony

Colour: Carbon Black, transparent lacquered