Leather Protectors

The Leather

For all our protection products we use Argentinian Cow hides. The leather is better known as “Grease Leather” or “ Oiled Leather”, chosen for its long lifespan
Using 1.6 – 1.8 mmm thick leather treated with a Colourless grease will create a protection product that lasts for years and look stunning.
Heavy stitching put together using traditional craftsmanship tools, our leather products are different and durable.

The Marching Drum Protector

In today’s marching scene, the drum protector has become indispensable. And certainly not an unnecessary luxury.
The drum protector prevents the drum from scratching or denting during band practice, marching rehearsals and in its transport case where most of the damage to the drum is done. While performing in public the Protector can easily be removed by releasing the strap buttons on the back.
Cut-outs make sure that when the protector is on the drum the snare strainer can be used as normal.|
An extra zip pocket on the side can be used for earplugs, metronome or even a smartphone. We have even added a luxury key chain for the tuning key.
Drum protectors are made for any size drum including Bass drums and are adjustable in diameter with straps for the perfect tight fit.

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The Colours

No band uniform is the same and protection for the instruments can still be part of the uniform .
This is why we have chosen to produce our leather products in a choice of three different universal colours: OX-Oxido, BK-Negro and CH -Chocolate.